Star Moroccan Aragonite Dish

Anima Mundi Crystals

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Beautiful star carved dish from the mineral Aragonite perfect for storing your everyday rings.
It's chocolatey colours go well with everything you can throw in and the star shape makes a super nice addition to your altar, coffee table, night stand or your mineral collection cabinet.
I mostly use these type of dishes to hold my jewellery during the night and absolutely love to see mine receiving me in the morning holding my treasures.


This is a carbonate gemstone has a mellow orange or straw yellow color and has come to symbolize truth and understanding.
The Aragon River in Spain, where it was first discovered in 1788, is what the mineral is named after. Aragonite is an interesting and attractive gemstone that is often overlooked for more flashy gemstones, but the gentle and amiable colors of aragonite can be used to form simple, friendly designs with soft, delicate color.

Sizes between: 11-12 x 11-12 x 1-2H cm
Weight between: ~130-170g

Metaphysical properties of Aragonite.