Boulder Opal nr.8- Tearshape


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Striking pattern on this boulder opal that would make a gorgeous ring
 Be sure to check the video to see all the play of color.
The shape is more of an oval.

What is Boulder Opal?

Boulder opal is a type of opal that forms within the cavities and cracks of ironstone boulders.
It is characterized by its vibrant play-of-color, which is the result of light interacting with tiny spheres of silica within the stone.
The ironstone matrix often forms interesting patterns and contrasts with the opal, creating unique and visually striking gemstones.
Boulder opal is primarily found in Queensland, Australia, particularly in the areas around the town of Winton and Quilpie. It is highly prized for its beauty and rarity, and it is used in jewelry and as a collectible gemstone.

Size: 9.85*6.7*5.5mm
Weight: 2.95 carats