16mm "Herkimer" Diamond Quartz


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Wonderful and full of surprises Diamond Quartz with a little baby Diamond Quartz on the side is an absolute delight to the eyes and soul.
With the tiniest carbon inclusion and rainbow holder this small double terminated crystal has also the markings of record keeper on one of its termination points. 
Also on the same point has a inner small crystal in the shape of a tabular crystal.


Diamond Quartz is a variety of quartz which is found all around the world and is naturally formed double-terminated crystal which a hardness of around 7.5 on the Mohs scale.
This means it is harder than normal quartz.

Easy to create with them organic and raw jewellery in macrame or electroforming but they are also highly collectable.

These crystals were mined in Baluchistan, Pakistan.
They are sold based on weight. 

Aproximative Size: 16x13mm

Metaphysical properties for Diamond Quartz.