Celestite Cluster

Anima Mundi Crystals

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A medium-small size Celestite cluster packed with amazingly beautiful formed crystals that are held together by the grey matrix.
This wonderful crystal cluster is a perfect piece for mineral collections.


Celestite typically in sedimentary rocks, it forms as a groundwater or low temperature hydrothermal precipitate, meaning the crystals are formed by groundwater depositing the mineral in cavities in the host rock.

Celestine geodes such as those found in Madagascar are understood to form by replacement of alabaster nodules consisting of the calcium sulfates gypsum or anhydrite.
Calcium sulfate is highly soluble, but strontium sulfate is mostly insoluble.
Strontium-bearing solutions that come into contact with calcium sulfate nodules dissolve the calcium away, leaving a cavity.
The strontium is immediately precipitated as celestite, with the crystals growing into the newly-formed cavity.

The blue celestine that most people are familiar with comes from Northwestern Madagascar. Large crystals and geodes are frequently found there.

Size: 72x60x42 mm
Weight: 195 grams

Metaphysical properties of Celestite.