11x Shell Spikes Orange Dyed Mother of Pearl Shell


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Luscious color and finish on these shell spike beads, their colour is a warm orange they make perfect for raw jewellery or tribal jewellery design.

These mother of pearl spikes have been altered with syntethic dye to make them have this colour.

aprox size : 30-19 mm
hole size : 1mm
You will receive 11 beads.

Mother of Pearl, which is also known as nacre, is an iridescent layer of material that makes up the lining of many mollusks.

Nacre is the secretion from the mantle of bivalve mollusks as an iridescent lining inside their shells. The iridescent layer shields these creatures from predators by camouflaging them with the sparkle and flash of color produced by the diffraction of light reflected from their inner shell lining.

The shining and shimmering appearance of it comes from this nacre covering the inner shell of the mollusks.

The iridescent appearance comes from a thin layer being prisms that break white light into its component rainbow colors. The thickness and luster of nacre can be affected by various factors including seasonal changes, diet, and water temperature.