Refund policy

Returns and Refunds 

**You as a buyer are responsible to keep track of your order and see if it has arrived at your post office or what the tracking number says and notify us if there's any issue.**

Orders that are returned for not being picked up from post office in a timely manner (10 working days usually) won't have their shipping refunded.

If you have received your order and have changed your mind and do not wish to keep it please contact us first within: 3 days of delivery.

Only after we discuss the items must be shipped back within: 7 days of delivery at your own cost and in the same condition and Packaging (box, inserts, stickers etc). (we do not charge you for these things  but they are not free and we expect to receive them back)

-We might be able to provide with a return label that we would deduct from the amount to refund.

-Damage on the returned items (including missing packaging/inserts) will result in loss of value (minimum 0.50cents) and deducted upon refunding.

-Refunds will be processed only after we receive the package back and assesed.

-Since the shipping part took place on our part and your shipping fee was paid at the post office, this fee will not be refunded.

Items on sale or discounted are not eligible for return unless we agree.

Providing us with your most recent shipping address and phone number is the buyer responsability.

Forced returns (or orders not accepted at delivery) are prohibited and while we do not charge a restocking fee we will not refund the shipping fee and also deduct any loss in value if damaged.

Due to the way we pack our items Damage during transit is basically impossible but if you feel it happened contact us with clear images (of the damaged packaging and items) so we can asses the problem and offer you the most advantageous solution.

Customs and import fees

Customs and import fees are the responsability of the buyer. It is a fee charged by your country alone and we have no way of knowing how much it would be or if you would have to pay it.

Check how Customs work in your country and above what amount you might be charged. Usually the fee is the Vat/GST of your country and a management fee.

Lost Orders

Oh no! That's heartbreaking, we know it from personal experience.

Since our packages are fully tracked you and us can see what is the issue with the package.

In the real case that a package is lost contact us and we will try to solve the issue.

By purchasing any item from you agree to have read and agreed to our Delivery, Returns and refunds policies, Privacy policy and terms and conditions In case you have any question feel free to contact us before ordering.

We reserve the right to update our policies at any time.