Dendritic Agate gets its name from the tree-like dendrites that collect on the surface of this stone. The formation process begins with a silicon dioxide molecule, which is then formed into layers of microscopic crystals.

Agates are cryptocrystalline quartz stones, meaning they have an internal structure full of tiny spaces, empty pockets that trap or contain various ions, molecules or atoms.

Dendritic Agates can be found all over the world. They are often mined in Brazil, Uruguay, and Mexico.
Hardness: 6 on the Mohs scale


Dendritic Agate is usually associated with grounding or stabilizing in your environment. 
It reminds us that life is full of change and to take changes in stride, without much difficulty.
It also helps us to recall things from the past that can be useful to us now.
On a more spiritual level, it provides the positive energy that is needed for self-healing and developing psychic abilities.
Dendritic Agate also has strong metaphysical properties associated with healing.
You are encouraged to go back to your “roots'' when meditating with this stone and allow that inner, carefree child to shine through. There is love within you just waiting to be released, and what better way to release this energy than with the simplest things life has to offer.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.