Welo Opal is distinguished by its bright colours, beautiful transparency and impresses with its shimmering play of colour which occurs in all colours of the rainbow – mainly in yellow, orange, red and green.
Some in the past have claimed that it is more fragile and prone to breaking than its Australian cousin, although today this assertion has been denied and even contradicted.
The presence of hydrophane in Welo Opals means they can absorb up to eight percent of its own weight in water.
In case of contact with water, just let the gem dry in the open air and it will revert to its original appearance on its own.

The meaning of the word Opal comes from a Greek word 'opallios' which means 'to see a change of color', which is connected with the way precious opal defracts light.
The name of this opal variety relates to the location they come from, in the Shewa Province in Ethiopia. They are found as nodules in Rhyolite, and are a relatively recent discovery, having been first found in the 1990's.
Many of these stones are Common Opals as well as some being Contraluz Opals.
This means that when a light is shone through them they seem brighter and more beautiful.

Many are quite beautiful stones that have bright fiery inclusions.
All types of Opal have a high water content, up to 10% in some stones.
So the make-up of these stones is a clear or translucent white hydrated (meaning having absorbed water) silicate mineral.
Their internal structure makes them defract light, and the colors in the stone relate to the conditions when they were being formed.
Their color is white or clear with included colors such as orange, red, yellow, green, blue and brown.


Ethiopian Opal help you to change how you think and may assist with making decisions
They are beneficial to use to boost creativity, have a good energy for balancing the chakras. They are excellent crystals to use for psychic development.
They may be used in meditation to help to boost the ability to see the future, also known as precognition.
They magnify the awakening of the kundalini and are highly protective, helping to release fear and providing a protective energetic barrier around you.
These stones have excellent metaphysical attributes that are known for the way they aid astral travel, helping to strengthen psychic communication and enhance intuition.
They are excellent healing stones for you to use to help the healing of a number of health worries including helping weight related issues.
Wherever these crystals are located they will create a more positive environment, as they are known to transmute negativity both in you and the area around you.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.