Here we are in full season of the witch and we are celebrating it by embracing the concept of taking everything at a slow pace keeping the focus on just one thing at a time and create a space of enjoyment and magic.

It is also a slow down of the rush of black friday and what it stands for!

SLOWVEMBER is the concept we have adopted from challenges artists do on the social media plataforms and that encourages taking the time to create just one thing for the entire month of November worthy of a portofolio book.
We have adapted this idea with the creators we serve in mind, and instead of building up a rush for a buying spree day, our proposal is to have this whole month of November geared up with the discounts that the shop would normally have on black friday!
This is giving you the opportunity to think and buy what you really need for your creations at a really good price and with nobody getting trampled in the process.

Councious purchase
No rush
Slow down

This promotion cannot be combined with other discount codes but eligible orders for Free Shipping will still be honored.