10-12mm Lodolite Cabochons


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Lodolite cabochons with amazing natural colorful inclusions.
Great for rings and neclaces no matter the technique.
These cabochons are perfect for showcasing the beauty of natural craftsmanship with a unique and intricate design.


Lodolite is a clear Quartz with inclusions of other minerals that usually come from the Chloride group. Another name for Lodolite is Chlorite Quartz.
The inclusions have ended up in the quartz during the growth of the crystal. If at a certain moment there was not enough silica present to stimulate further growth of a crystal, it came to a standstill. Other minerals were given the opportunity to settle on it. And when the silica was released again, the growth of the quartz crystal was resumed and the strange mineral enclosed in the crystal structure.

Nr.13- diam.12x7mm,
Nr.14- diam.11x7mm,
Nr.15- diam.11x7mm,
Nr.16- diam.12x7mm,
Nr.17- diam.12x7mm,
Nr.18- not available,
Nr.19- diam.12x6mm,
Nr.20- diam.12x6mm,

Nr. 21-not available,
Nr. 22-diam.11x7mm,
Nr. 23- not available,
Nr. 24-diam.10x7mm,
Nr. 25-not available,
Nr. 26-not available,
Nr. 27-diam.11x7mm,
Nr. 28-diam.10x7mm,
Nr. 29-diam.10x6mm,
Nr. 30-diam.10x7mm,

Type: Silica with Chlorite
Colour: Transparent with white, yellow, orange, brown and green inclusions
Hardness: 7 on the Mohs Scale

Metaphysical properites of Lodolite.