2.5-2.85mm Almandine Garnet Round Cabochons


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Almandine Garnet waiting to be transformed into amazing jewellery, these cabochons rock a deep red wine colour and a good polish♥


Almandine is almost invariably dark in color, and it forms dark red to reddish-brown Garnet gemstones. Almandine is the hardest form of Garnet, and a pure deep red is its most valuable color. 
They form under the high temperatures and/or pressures that those types of rocks must endure.
These minerals share similar crystal structure, but they have a variable chemical composition.
The color of garnet is primarily controlled by its composition.
Garnet is a well-known mineral not only because it is so widespread, but mostly because of its deep red color and beautiful crystal faces which make it a semi-precious gemstone.
Industrially garnet is mostly used as an abrasive because of its hardness and irregular fracture.
It is also used in water purification filters.

You will receive 5x tiny cabochons.
These cabochons are not calibrated.
The size ranges between 2.5-2.85mm
The height ranges between 1.20-1.93mm

Metaphysical properties of Almandine Garnet.