Blue Owyhee Opal Cabochon Pairs


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If you like to create earrings we have the gemstones for you!
Just like the Owyhee Blue Opals that hold such beautiful patterns and shapes!
They are ready to inspire or give the ultimate touch to your already thought out jewellery♥

The name of Owyhee Blue Opal stones may seem unusual, but it relates to the location where they are found, near the Sacred Indian Springs in Owyhee Oregon.
Their color varies from a translucent lavender blue to a lovely medium blue color.
Many stones have white mixed through which is the color of the matrix stones that the blue opal forms in.
Once the stones are taken from the ground their color changes from an opaque blue to a lighter color, and this is caused by them drying out over time, as the water within them evaporates in the air.

Choose from the dropdown menu the blue owyhee opal cabochon pairs you wish to receive.
We're giving you the opportunity to choose the pair that mostly resonates with you. Please note that these are not calibrated (100%the same size and shape) cabochons so the left stone size and thickness might vary a bit from the right stone in some of the pairs.

All pairs are numbered and approximately measured as below.
1-not available
3-22x14x4mm defect on the back
5-27x13x4mm defect on the back
6-not available
7-not available
8-24x14x4mm semi matte unpolished back
9-not available
10-20x14x5mm semi matte unpolished back
11-21x17x4mm semi matte unpolished back
15-31x15x4mm semi matte unpolished back
16-29x15x4mm semi matte unpolished back
17-26x20x3mm semi matte unpolished back
18-27x12x5mm 19-16x14x3mm
20-not available defect on the back


-The positive effects of the stone heals the emotional, spiritual as well as the physical torso of the of the wearing soul.
-It makes the person true human in every sense, as it is contemplated to activate the third eye chakra it gives the power to the wearer to use his imagination to the highest level and understand what is unsaid.
-The energies of this alluring gem too inspire the life of the wearing individual and allow him to take wise decisions, as the blue vibes of this stone is associated with the self-esteem and confidence.
-Admired to enhance the creativity also improve the communication skill as known to trigger the throat chakra of the body along with the solar plexus.
-In some cultures, the potent reverberating vibes of the Owyhee Opal are strongly believed to allow communication with spirit guides, as well as can have telepathic exchange.
-Wearing the Owyhee Opal offers the wearer the ability to express his ideas clearly and more freely.
-It too releases out the stress from the soul by boosting up the wearers morale.
-Associated with the element water, it offers the softness in the tone and behavior.
-It calms down the restless soul, connects to the subconscious self and bring balance in the life.
-The frequency of the stone too centers the distressing soul by aligning the free energies and calming the emotional heart.
-Since ages, it is considered best for those who worry as well as worry about their present and future.
-It makes you positive, clear as well as conscious in one’s communication.
-It releases anger, clears the auric field by clearing the panic attacks, anxiety as well as depression

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.