Chrome Chalcedony Mix Shapes


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Amazing green hues just like lush magical forests ♥
They are ready to be transformed into amazing jewellery!

Chrome Chalcedony occurs in a number of places in Western Australia.
The piece displayed below came from near the town of Newman which is approximately 700 miles north of the capital, Perth.
The geological setting of the occurrence is that of an ultramafic intrusion into an area of granite-greenstone of Archaean age(>2500Ma)
The intrusion consists of serpentinite that has also produced chrysoprase, chalcedony & common opal.
These rock types along with the chrome chalcedony occur in the weathered , silicified cap rock. It is believed that original weathered serpentinite has been replaced through processes of silica deposition and the chrome chalcedony represents a whole-rock replacement or psuedomorph.
Chromium which is responsible for the green colouration of the chalcedony has originated from the existence of chromite within the Serpentinite.

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The sizes of these green gemstone cabochons are as follow although keep in mind that cuts are not calibrated so irregularities might happen.


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-Chrome chalcedony brings calm, especially in the midst of challenges, and allows you to move forward with confidence.
-It also clears negative energy, encourages self-reflection, and provides restful sleep. Chalcedony, in general, is known as the Forgiveness Stone.
-It helps heal karmic wounds and debts, as well as trauma in the present lifetime.
-It eases feelings of anger and encourages self-care, so you feel you have more to give to others.
-Meditate with this Chrome Chalcedony as a reminder that you are deserving of all the healing, love, and support the world has to offer.
-Place it in your home or anywhere nearby to experience its soothing, calm vibrations and to clear your field of anything that doesn’t serve you. 

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.