Chrome Diopside Cabochon


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Craft stunning jewelry with our Chrome Diopside Cabochons. These lush, round, forest green gemstones are perfect for creating unique, beautiful pieces. Made from high-quality chrome diopside, these cabochons will add a touch of elegance to any jewelry collection.


Chrome Diopside is a translucent, deep green gemstone variety of the pyroxene mineral diopside.
Most raw chrome diopside crystals are almost exclusively sourced from the snowy abyss of Siberia, in Northern Russia.
Its elegant green color and near transparency make it an affordable tsavorite or emerald alternative, giving it the nickname “Russian (or Siberian) emerald.”
Other names include “Imperial Diopside,” “Vertalit,” and “Serbelit.”

Size: diam10x 3-4mm ( aprox.)
Type: Pyroxene
Colour: Light green to deep green
Hardness: 5-6 in the Mohs Scale

Metaphysical properties of Chrome Diopside. (soon)