Freeform Larimar Cabochon

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 Beautiful freeform Larimar cabochon with a intense blue streak in the middle, I see it and automaticly think of a blue lagoon!


The pectolite mineral from which Larimar is formed is actually white to gray in color and it is found in many places around the globe.
However, the only place in the world where pectolite is the most desirable is in the Dominican Republic.
The traces of copper contribute to this blue coloration.
Though locally abundant, Larimar is a very rare gem, it is only found in only one square kilometer of dense rainforest in the Dominican Republic.
Moreover, large stones with good color and quality are especially unusual to find.
There are different grades of Larimar.
For example, pattern, color, and vibrancy determine the different grades of Larimar
. Only 10% of this blue-graded gem is used for jewelry.

Sizes: Nr. 19-36x17x5mm

Metaphysical properties of Larimar.