Triple Moon Goddess Cast Iron Cauldron | Witchcraft Altar Tool for Spells, Incense, and Rituals


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As a lover of incense, spells, and rituals, you know the importance of having the right tools to enhance your practice. The Triple Moon Goddess Cast Iron Cauldron is one such item that should be a part of every witch's toolkit.

Crafted from durable cast iron, this cauldron is the perfect size for use in a variety of witchy practices, including incense burning, spell casting, and ritual work. Its sturdy construction ensures that it will withstand even the hottest flames, making it a reliable and long-lasting tool for your craft.

The cauldron comes complete with a top lid made of the same sturdy material, which can be used to safely contain and smother flames as needed. The handle on the lid and cauldron makes it easy to manipulate and move around, allowing you to use it in a variety of settings and spaces.

Whether you're a seasoned witch or just starting out on your spiritual journey, the Triple Moon Goddess Cast Iron Cauldron is an essential altar tool that will serve you well for years to come. Use it to infuse your spells and rituals with the power of the Triple Moon Goddess, and experience the magic for yourself.

Cast iron is a term used to describe a family of metal alloys who primary alloying element is iron. Because of its name, some people tend to think that cast iron is basically 100% iron. This is simply not true. In fact, carbon steels have higher amounts of iron element in them than do cast irons.

To be considered a cast iron, a predominantly iron alloy must have over 2% carbon to for the final alloy to be considered cast iron. Cast irons also have smaller amounts of other alloys, with manganese and silicon being two of the most popular. These additional alloying elements are used to further modify the properties of cast iron and result in specific cast iron alloy designations.

Aproximative Size: 
height: 13 cm
diameter: 11.5 cm
depth: 6,5cm
Colour: black
Material: cast iron
Weight: 1.3 kg