Mini Garnet Coin Necklace


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Indulge in cuteness overload with our Mini Garnet Coin Necklace.
This delicate silver coin necklace is handmade and the perfect accessory to add a touch of lovely to any outfit.
Complete your look with this lovely combination of charm and style.


Almandine is the most common form of the gemstone Garnet, is the hardest form of Garnet, and a pure deep red is its most valuable color.
The term Garnet describes a group name for several closely related minerals that form important gemstones, and Almandine is an individual member mineral of the Garnet group. Almandine is usually opaque and unfit for gemstones use; though the less common transparent to translucent forms make fine gemstones.
In the gem trade, the term Almandine is rarely used on its own. It is either generically called "Garnet", or "Almandine Garnet".
 Almandine Garnets are occasionally hollowed in their underside to allow more light to enter a stone, giving a cut gemstone a lighter appearance.

Size: 16x13x3mm
Type:  Group of Silicate Minerals 
Colour: Bright Red
Hardness:  7.5 - 8.5 on the Mohs Scale
Metal: Sterling Silver
Chain: Stainless Steel 45 cm

Metaphysical properties of Almandine Garnet.