Oval tearshape Larimar Cabochons


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Blue Pectolite Beautiful Larimar cabochons ready for the jewellery you have in mind. With their blue swirling patterns are the ideal crystals for sea lovers out there!

The pectolite mineral from which Larimar is formed is actually white to gray in color and it is found in many places around the globe.
However, the only place in the world where pectolite is the most desirable is in the Dominican Republic.
The traces of copper contribute to this blue coloration. T
hough locally abundant, Larimar is a very rare gem, it is only found in only one square kilometer of dense rainforest in the Dominican Republic.
Moreover, large stones with good color and quality are especially unusual to find.
There are different grades of Larimar.
For example, pattern, color, and vibrancy determine the different grades of Larimar. Only 10% of this blue-graded gem is used for jewelry.






-Larimar is an earth-healing stone.
-It connects with nature and will counteract inbalances in the earth's energy.
-Larimar helps to heal and tone the throat.
-By opening up the throat chakra, it promotes self-confidence and encourages us to express our deepest truths and fears.
-Especially helpful in removing self-imposed blockages and constraints, Larimar assists us in taking control of our lives by dissolving self-sabotaging behaviour, alleviating guilt and removing fear.
-Larimar is a wonderful meditation stone.
-It quickly and effortlessly calms the mind and bestows inner peace.
-It naturally raises consciousness and facilitates contact and communication with the angelic realms.
-Larimar brings harmony and assists in balancing the yin-yang energies, thus unifying our male and female qualities.
-It promotes self healing and is excellent for unplugging the meridians and dissolving energy blocks, particularly in the head, neck and chest.
-Larimar embraces love and joy, opening up the heart by allowing us to express unconditional love.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.