Rose Cut Amazonite Cabochon Nr.1-12


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These rose cut Amazonite cabochons hold some sky blue and seafoam green colours and some more of that awesome Schiller effect that jewelry creators love so much, all of these cuties are ready to be transformed into gorgeous jewelry!
They hold the perfect size for rings and small necklaces♥


Amazonite is a variety of Microcline, which belongs to the Feldspar group of minerals and forms in masses or tabular crystals.
Feldspar is one of the most abundant types of mineral in the world, but only a few varieties can be classed as gemstone quality.
In terms of appearance, this gemstone is found in colors ranging from soft milky green to blue-green or turquoise.
Some varieties have a mottled or spider-webbed pattern. Amazonite’s unique color is created from small quantities of lead and water.

Select from the dropdown menu the Amazonite cabochon that calls for you.


Nr. 1-22x17x9mm
Nr. 2-21x16x9mm
Nr. 3-21x16x7mm
Nr. 4-23x17x8mm
Nr. 5-21x17x9mm
Nr. 6-21x17x9mm
Nr. 7-23x19x9mm
Nr. 8-23x17x8mm
Nr. 9-24x18x7mm
Nr. 10-23x17x6mm
Nr. 11-23x17x7mm
Nr. 12-20x15x8mm

Type: Microcline Feldspar
Colour: Blue-Green
Hardness: 6.5 - 6 / Mohs Scale

Metaphysical properties of Amazonite.