Ruby Fuchsite Cabochon - Oval Nr.3


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Amazing green, red and white patterns in these cabochons, and in our eyes the perfect colour combination.
Good polish and ready to be transformed into gorgeous jewellery.


Ruby in Fuchsite, or Ruby Fuchsite , is the natural combination of both Fuchsite and Ruby in a single specimen.
Ruby-in-Fuchsite can vary tremendously in color, pattern and hardness depending on its exact composition and how it was cut.
Fuchsite gives the colorful stone its blue-green to emerald-green color, while Ruby inclusions provide attractive pink and red highlights.
Interestingly, both red ruby and green fuchsite are colored by traces of chromium.


16- 22.5*18*6mm,
17- 26*13*6.6mm,
18- 26*14*5mm,
19- 20.7*16*6mm,
20- 22.7*16*5.7mm,
21- 22.5*12.6*5.5mm,
22- 16*13*3.9mm,
23- 17*10*6.2mm

Type: Corundum and Muscovite

Colour: mint green with red
Hardness: Muscovite 2-3 / Ruby 9 on the Mohs Scale

Metaphysical properties of Ruby in Fuchsite.