Tearshape Emerald Cabochon - Rose Cut


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The rosecut gems offer a unique and elegant touch, while the Emerald's striking green hue adds a touch of vibrancy.

Perfect for adding a pop of color to your pieces.


Emeralds are made from the mineral Beryl.
Its green colour comes from chromium or vanadium.
However, emeralds contain natural inclusions and can be quite brittle.
The word “emerald” comes from the Greek smaragdus meaning “green”.
Although emeralds are mined in Zambia, Afghanistan and other countries, Colombia is famed for the high quality and rich green colour of its gems.

Size: 14x10mm
Type: Beryl
Colour: Light and deep greens with black inclusions.
Hardness: 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale.

Metaphysical properties of Emerald.