Trapiche Amethyst Pendant


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Gorgeous tearshape pendant touching on the statement size of jewelry but simple and elegant for an every day wear.

This Trapiche Amethyst clothed in sterling silver does all the talking with it's beautiful pattern and shades of lavender colour it is an unique piece♥

Size: 51.58x26.45mm

The silver necklace comes with a stainless steel chain of  45cm. If you wish to have a sterling silver chain please contact us.
It is presented in a wooden box with a piece of cleaning cloth, a sticker and two cards.

This design can also be made to order with a similar crystal of you choice   


Trapiche Amethyst is a type of Amethyst that displays a dark phantom inside comprised mostly of triangles diplayed in a radial form but most of the time it's hard to acquire that perfect phantom placement.

There are two types of trapiche gems: type A, the most common, or type B, which is incredibly rare.
In type A, the mineral inclusion is what forms the pattern inside the crystal.
In type B, it is reversed and the crystal itself is what becomes the spokes.

Either of these types creates a stunning crystalline display.
Our star/trapiche amehyst is of high quality and clarity with amazing patterns.

Metaphysical properties of Amethyst.