25mm Drilled Round Tiger Eye Bead


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The color on these gold tiger eye beads is beautiful♥
Some of them display beautiful patterns too.
Great for macrame and wirewrap.


Tiger's eye is formed when parallel veins of crocidolite (blue asbestos) fibres are first altered to iron oxides and then replaced by silica.
As a result it is more opaque, and has a rich yellow to brown colour. When cut en cabochon, the gem has a fine lustre.
The major source of Tiger's Eye is Griquatown West, in South Africa.

Please be aware that in some cases there might be some slight damage to the end of the whole

Select from the dropdown menu the number of the Tiger eye that calls for you and your design.(second image)

Diameter approx 25mm
Thickness approx 7mm
Hole size: a 1mm wire passes through easily without putting pressure on the stone.(we've literally tested them all)

Metaphysical properties of Tiger Eye.