Amphibole Quartz Tear Shape Cabochon


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A true gem among included Quartz crystals, known for their wavy inclusions of different colours.
Just like a stilled image this cab a captured moment in time suspended in ia Clear Quartz bubble♥

With great polish this cabochon was cut and polished from raw material in house , origin of the crystal Brazil.

Amphibole Quartz is a rare form of Quartz also known as Angel Wing Phantom Quartz and Red Rabbit Quartz.
It contains many different inclusions in the Amphibole group giving it the different colour, including Lithium (pink), Limonite (yellow), Hematite (red), Kaolinite (white).

Size: 25.93x13.47x9.32mm


-It is a superb crystal for establishing connections to your own guardian angels, to healing angels and to the angelic realm.
-Placed on our crown chakra Amphibole Quartz can activate all the higher crown chakras making us ready to receive the highest guidance.
-Because Amphibole Quartz is such a complex coming together of minerals, the guidance we receive may also be quite complex and is best suited for those who actively wish to move on and deepen their understanding of the spiritual realms.
-Amphibole Quartz is also an excellent meditation stone and one that can increase both our powers of lucid dreaming and our gift of clairaudience.
-It helps us to better appreciate the power of universal love and is helpful to those who work with past life recall.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.