Black Sunstone Cabochons Mix Shapes


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Beautiful, sleek and full of glitery inclusions you are going to fall in love with the Black Sunstone! ♥

Black Sunstone is a stone new to the market and found in southern India.
A scintillating cabochon of pale orange pinkish-brown to black Feldspar.
Unusually, it displays both the iridescent aventurescence of Sunstone with the adularescent shimmer of Moonstone.
The gem contains a parallel series of ribbon like Hematite inclusions which run through the gem and glitter with spectral iridescence.
The potassium-rich (K-Feldspar) gems from this source have the added benefit of a silvery sheen, most often seen in Moonstone, which plays over the surface of the cabochon as it it rotated in hand.
Together with the shimmering, iridescent Hematite inclusions, the combined effect is quite enchanting.

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The sizes of these beautiful gemstone cabochons are as follow:
BS9-24x13x6mm B


-Black Sunstone creates a protective space that allows you to release whatever isn’t serving you and then fills that space with a nurturing energy that facilitates self healing. -Black Sunstone opens the lines for intuition and spiritual guidance.
-Black Sunstone works best with the Solar Plexus chakra helping your body to tune into the vibration of whole body alignment and health.
-Black Sunstone will help to clear negativity in an individual and create energy that can be used in a more positive fashion.
-Can be used during a period of mourning the loss of something–a person, relationship, the end of a job, or the sale of a home.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.