Crescent Moon Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon C


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Add magical charm to your jewelry collection with our Rainbow Moonstone necklace.
This handmade silver pendant features a stunning Rainbow Moonstone that will catch the light and dazzle any onlooker with it's green and blue flash.
Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any outfit. (Moonstruck approved!)


Moonstone is a mineral of the orthoclase feldspar group and is composed of potassium aluminum silicate.
It is distinguished from other similar stones by the presence of adularescence.
Though the stone has optical qualities similar to some labradorite stones, labradorite is a plagioclase feldspar whereas moonstone is orthoclase feldspar.
Plagioclase feldspar is composed of calcium and sodium and orthoclase feldspar is composed of potassium.

Size: 27x15x7mm
Type: Feldspar
Colour: White with Multicoloured and predominant Blue flash
Hardness:  6-6.5 / Mohs Scale
Metal: Sterling Silver
Chain: Stainless Steel 45 cm

Metaphysical properties of Rainbow Moonstone.