Larimar Stacking Ring
electroformed Larimar Stacking Ring
Larimar Stacking Ring
copper Larimar Stacking Ring
Electroformed Larimar Ring Size 7 US | Larimar Stacking Ring

Electroformed Larimar Ring Size 7 US | Larimar Stacking Ring

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With the power of science and a bit of magic this ring was created with the process of electroforming, depositing atom by atom of pure strong copper on top of the crystals. It is a long process that can take anywhere from 8 hours to 24 hours or even more in order to create the necessary thickness of copper.

Weight around: 5 grams

Ring size: 7 US

Note that the ring is not sealed and due to the nature of the metal natural oxidation will appear. This is due to our body chemicals interacting with the metal. Don't worry tho because it will not cause you any harm. Please check our FAQ-Jewelry Care.

It can be sealed free of charge, just choose leave a note with the order when purchasing.


-Larimar is associated with the throat chakra and communication.
-Larimar assists the carrier in gaining strength and confidence.
-It is a powerful stone that promotes a soothing and relaxing environment.
-It can be useful for phobias, panic attacks, stress related imbalances, excessive anger and fear.
-Larimar teaches one to love, nurture and respect one’s self, inspiring confidence whilst healing damaged emotions.
-It is said to assist communicating ones needs and boundaries to others whilst helping to give the strength and emotional stability to speak from the heart.
-Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.