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Gothic Necklace, Black Quartz Pendant, Electroformed jewelry, Dark gift, Pentagram, Crescent Moon Phases, Goth, Witchy, Victorian, Wicca

Moonlight and darkness alike bent and danced around him, surrounding him in a hazy metallic shimmer of darkened copper.

Using the power of science and a bit of magic this unique witchy pendant was created through the process of electroforming. A statement piece of copper covered smoky quartz.
It was created with the process of electroforming which consists in the deposition of atoms of pure strong copper on top of the crystals all while sitting in a special solution and applying constant electric current.
It is a long process that can take anywhere from 8 hours to 24 hours or even more in order to create the necessary thickness of copper without counting the preparations beforehand.

You can watch a video of them here:

Size: 54x39mm
Weight: 11 grams
Please choose the desired chain or cord lenght from the dropdown menu . It will come with a black leather cord

Black Quartz helps one get through a tough business deal
-Helps one tackle important tasks
-Will rid your body and home of negative energies
-Aids in better communicating with a loved one
-Brings everyone involved in a dispute to find common ground
-Absorbs any negative vibrations and banishes them
-Removes energy blockages and helps one to move forward in life
-Filters out the bad energies and negativity that lead to danger
-Enhances the energy of anyone wearing it
-Enhances the energy of other stones/crystals
-Opens the mind and heart to higher guidance
-Resonates at the level of an individual’s needs
-Accelerates the fulfillment of one’s prayers
-Activates and purifies the Root Chakra

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.