Large Black Tourmaline Tumbles


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It is the perfect Crystal as a pocket stone not because of its size but because it comes as a tumbled version and has that smooth surface one can touch forever, raw black toumaline often breakes due to manipulation because of its brittle carecteristics, so in this tumbled version you get all the positive aspects of the Black Tourmaline.
They also work great for amulets and chakra healing.

Tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminium, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium.
Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone.
This gemstone can be found in a wide variety of colors.
Each piece is sold separately and chosen intuitively by us.
Origin: Brazil
Smalls sizes: 32-38mm
Smalls weights: 12-22grams
Large sizes: 40-58mm
Large weights: 44-74grams

Please Note: Every crystal is a unique one-off piece, therefore the size, shape and colour will vary although we hand select them to have a similar size.
Pictures are representative of current stock.


-Black Tourmaline is a protective crystal that actually gives you a sense of power.
-It makes you feel secure, daring, and physically powerful.
-It will deepen your connection to the physical, natural world.
-It helps relieve you of fears specifically associated with your physical existence here on Earth.
-This is a crystal to have near you when you need protection and mental fortitude.
-Use this crystal when you need to feel safe and secure.
-Black Tourmaline is the ultimate grounding stone, and the primary crystal used for the clearing of negative energy and protection from spells.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.