Big Tantric Twin Clear Quartz


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These crystals are fantastic for teaching oneness, and tolerance for others whom we need to work with.

Although it's not selfstanding due to having an angled rough base it can stay on it's base elevated at an angle but we advise on keeping it flat or find a stand just to make sure it's more protected.


Quartz is a mineral found in the Earth's crust.
There are many different quartz, some of which are considered gemstones.
Quartz is used in a variety of ways from making carved statues to making electronic parts. It is a crystal with triangular prisms.
Although variations of quartz come in many colors, pure quartz is clear.
Quartz is made up of silicon and oxygen.
Quartz is so abundant that almost every rock contains at least a small amount of it.

 It weights a massive 897 grams and measures 134x 98x 60mm


-Tantric Twin crystals are also very good for working through relationship issues with partners.
-This chunky clear quartz point from Brazil is a truly joy to hold in your hands.
-It has a tiny bit of iron inclusion which gives it a slightly orange tint.
-Tantric Twins are very helpful in guiding us to a balanced and fair resolution to just about any issue that can arise.
-Another gift these wonderful crystals have to share is tolerance, particularly towards those one needs to share space and resources with.
-Meditating with a Tantric Twin Quartz crystal can help couples to understand that even though their journeys are connected, they have separate identities.
-So even though they may have different interests and ideals, they can still coexist in a unified and harmonious way
-Two expanded halves make for a better balanced and harmonious “Whole”.
-Tantric Twin Quartz crystals make for excellent partners in helping two people work together to achieve a common goal.
-The cohesive co-operative energy they emanate helps the manifestation progress. -Tantric twin Quartz crystals are very receptive to duel input crystal programming and can easily handle different methods of receiving conscious intent from each of the human participants.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.