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Beautiful Lemurian Quartz point for those raw jewelry you want to create or just as that rare addition to your crystal collection♥
This beauty apart from it's lemurian form it has on one side of it's body near the point a tabular growth which is an amazing trait.
It also holds some mate portions mimicking the bar code, this happends because of other mineral deposits on it's surface.

Lemurian quartz is a trade name for a distinctive type of quartz.
They originated from Brazil.
They are distinctive in having "bar codes" or growth line across one or more sides.
These bar codes can be felt when you rub a thumb or finger along the side.

The shape is also distinctive, with traditional Lemurian crystal tapering towards the tip.
It should have three sides that taper in towards the tip and three sides that don't.
The sides that don't taper should contain the barcoding.
This structure give the crystal a hexagonal base tapering towards a triangle.
Also most of them exhibit rare Tessin habit which means that the faces join at the point in a more triangular shape instead of the hexagonal crystal growth of quartz.
Quartz, a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7.

You will receive 1x Lemurian quartz point mined in Brazil.

Aproximative sizes are as follows: (measurmeants were taken at the base and the lenght of the crystal)

Nr. 30- 64.78x13.99x12.46mm

These lemurian quartz crystals would be great for electroforming or other techniques of jewelry making but also great for healing and meditation.


-Lemurian Quartz is a kind of quartz that embodies the angelic and cosmic worlds' delicate, loving energy.
-They can help you attain inner peace and connect with the Divine spirit.
-It aids one in connecting with the soul's vitality.
-One can access the programming of the Lemurian race by connecting to a Lemurian Quartz Crystal.
-Lemurian crystals foster a connection with the Divine Feminine, soul unity, and access to ancient Lemurian knowledge and wisdom.
-It connects you to the healing powers of Lemurian consciousness.
-It helps people overcome spiritual isolation and sadness.
-Multiple gifts of empathetic and intuitive consciousness are awakened.
-Lemurian is regarded as a skilled healer.
-When handled appropriately, these gorgeous gems are masters of cleansing the energy field, dissolving negativity, eliminating obsolete energy, and renewing the chakra system.
-Many people claim to have experienced emotional healing after utilizing these stones due to the highly loving frequency of these crystals.
-The people of Lemuria were said to be intelligent, kind, and loving beings who worked in harmony with the Earth.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.