Round Blue Chalcedony

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Gorgeous blue Chalcedony that is ready to inspire your next jewelry piece with it's energy and beauty♥


Blue chalcedony is a very attractive variety of silica.
Its pleasing color has made it a most desirable gemstone among lapidaries, jewelry designers, and collectors around the world.
Blue chalcedony is found in several places worldwide, with prime locations being Turkey, Namibia and Montana.
It occurs in both crystalline and massive forms, such as nodules and smooth, rounded pebbles, massive boulders, druzy or botryoidal formations, nodules with druzy lining, or masses lining the inside surfaces of geodes.

Size:  diam 22.78x6.95 mm
Type: Silica
Colour: blue
Hardness: 7 on Mohs Scale

Metaphysical properties of Blue Chalcedony.