Rutilated Quartz Tumbled Pocket Stone


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These Quartz Rutile crystals are amazing with gold and coppery rutile growth through the crystal.
They are chunky, they are smoky clear and they are mesmerizing.

Choose yours or gift one, as this type of crystal always makes good energy manifestation tools.

Rutilated Quartz is Clear Quartz riddled with needle-like pieces of Golden Rutile, often called “The Hairs of Venus.”

Origin: Brazil
A- 51x40x20mm
B- 36x26x22mm
C- 36x27x21mm
D- 38x31x22mm
E- 44x27x18mm
F- 27x26x31mm

Please Note: Every crystal is a unique one-off piece, therefore the size, shape and colour will vary although we hand select them to have a similar size.
Pictures are representative of current stock.


-It can clear energy blockages of all the chakras (energize them) and stimulates the alignment of the mind and body.
-It helps to strengthen your willpower and motivation.
-Rutilated Quartz is said to attune you to their Divine Purpose, connecting them with the spiritual realm and their angels (has the ability to attract the angels).
-It is a very uplifting stone that infuses joy into your life and surrounding environment.
-Rutilated Quartz stones are wonderful energy amplifiers as well, magnifying the energies of any other gemstones touching it.
-They are very programmable, having the ability to amplify and magnify any intention or affirmation you ask it to carry.
-It is said to speed up the healing of injuries and slow the effects of aging.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.