8-9mm Moss Agate Bracelets


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Amazing Moss Agate bracelets with such beautiful patrern and intense green colour.

Moss agate, also called mocha stone, grayish to milky-white agate, a variety of the silica mineral quartz that contains opaque, dark-coloured inclusions whose branching forms resemble ferns, moss, or other vegetation.
The included materials, mainly manganese and iron oxides, are of inorganic origin.
Most moss agates are found as fragments weathered from volcanic rocks.

It comes beaded on a elastic string to ensure it fits almost any wrist size.
Weight: 17-19 grams
Bead diameter : 8 mm
Interior bracelet diameter: 80-83mm aprox ( it only allows a strech to a max. of 120 mm that is 12 cm)
Bracelet lenght: 23cm ( not stretched)
Origin of the stone: Brazil
*the bracelets were mesuread on the outside
**To know if the bracelet size is good for you we recommend taking a measuring tape or a thread wrap it around your wrist to see your wrist size*

Metaphysical properties od Moss Agate.