8mm Carnelian Bracelets


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Fiery Carnelian will always bring the color accent to our stack bracelet collection.


Carnelian is a vibrant quartz that belongs to the Chalcedony variety.
Usually, this stone comes in brown, red-orange, and pink.
And often, the carnelian is a radiant stone. 
This gemstone is mined in various countries including in the USA and UK, Scotland, Germany, Madagascar, Botswana, Brazil and South Africa.

It comes beaded on a elastic string to ensure it fits almost any wrist size.
The bracelet is therefore stretchable from approx. 139 mm
Weight: 17 grams
Bead diameter : 8 mm
Interior bracelet diameter: 79-84mm aprox
Bracelet lenght: 22-23cm ( not stretched)
Origin of the stone: Brazil
*the bracelets were mesuread on the outside
**To know if the bracelet size is good for you we recommend taking a measuring tape or a thread wrap it around your wrist to see your wrist size*

Metaphysical properties of Carnelian.