Double Terminated Smoky Quartz Point


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Beautiful double terminated Smoky Quartz great for meditation and grounding exercises as it is a natural connector due to it's double terminations.
This crystal is also self healed at one of it's points and side, on this part it also has a very small embeded cluster almost making it a bridge crystal too.

The white covering is residue clay from the enviroment it grew in.


Black quartz is a very dark variety of Smoky quartz and that means that if you shine a powerful light source through some of the black quartz crystals you would see it's translucency.
This specimen is deep black and densely included but if you shine a light through it you will be marveled by it's lovely brown colour.
It is natural, not treated or irradiated.

It was mined in Jietou, Wulian County, Rizhao, Shandong province, China

Note: it has one small chip one one of it's sides apoints also exihibits very small chips we suppose from rough handling in the mine.

Size: 98x24x21mm
Weight: 75 grams
Type: Quartz
Colour: Smoky Black with White clay patches
Hardness: 7 on the Mohs Scale

Metaphysical properties of Smoky Quartz.