Chrysocolla Sterling Silver Pendant


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Chrysocolla is a beautiful blue green crystal with a loving energy that will help you to allow change to take place in your life.


The Chrysocolla stone is characterised by its vibrant blue and green colors.
It comes in a range of forms, from balls and bubbly plates to stalactites in massive form. Many think of it as a crystal but the actual mineral structure of chrysocolla is amorphous and it doesn’t form visible crystals.
You’ll often find chrysocolla where you find copper deposits.
This stone is actually a copper ore.
You’ll also regularly find it alongside deposits of malachite and blue azurite. These are considered cousin minerals.

You can watch a video of this piece here:

Weight: 10 grams

Size: 64mm x 23mm

This solid Sterling silver Chrysocolla pendant comes with a fine stainless steel chain 20 inch long

Metaphysical properties of Chrysocolla.