Small Selenite Sphere 4cm


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Amazing polish and a real treat to look at and use in one's spiritual practice.
I myself enjoy a big Selenite sphere on my altar and marvel at the pure white glow every time the sun touches it with it's rays.
In meditation I can say it has a soft energy, just like a gliding dragonfly over a shimmering lake. 


Selenite/Satin Spar is a satin-transparent variety of Gypsum. It’s comprised of the crystallisation of the calcium sulphate mineral.

Selenite or Satin Spar has become lately a very used crystal in home decoration being it is a very soft mineral and easy to carve a number of beautiful items were born with which you can beautify your home and favourite space.

Size and Weight: 4 cm, ~80 g

Metaphysical properties of Selenite.