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Agate | The Wow Stone

Agate or the Wow Stone as I like to call it, belongs to the quartz group, being found in a large range of colours , beginning in the blue gray tones and finishing  into the red and yellow ones.

Spiritually the agate favours the introspection, bringing a calm contemplation of life and helping with solutions in problematic spiritual questions that one has for its own self. It accentuates emotional stability in the sense of reality.

Agate favours the conscious process of our vital experiences helping the person in spiritual growth and emotional maturity.

Subconsciously it is a protection stone, transmitting security , eliminating internal tensions and bringing stability in the face of external influences.

botswana agate extra
Mentally it is a stone for concentration, helping in finding pragmatic and simple solutions witch immediately transforms in reality.
Physically the agate brings equilibrium between our aura and our energy body. It is a powerful stimulator of growth and regeneration, being in fact a good protection stone for mothers to be and unborn babies. Due to its structure of various stratified quartz , the agate acts especially on organs that consists in various layers of skin and tissues. Some of the benefits can be seen in the functionality of the digestive system as it helps digestion and excretion, strengthens blood vessels and tissues, also helps in skin diseases.


Application for subconsciously and spiritual  effects it is recommended that he stone be situated in the range of the visual field, the circle of stones for meditation works very well here also . For the physical healing the stone must be worn in direct contact with the skin , depending on the physical affection of the body the agate used will have to show a “signature” or  image (form the Latin  <signum> = sign) of the affected organ, the application of the stone in the hours of most activity of the organ in question will be more effective.


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