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Amethyst | The Sobriety Stone

The Amethyst or The Sobriety Stone as it is mentioned in antiquity belongs to the crystalline quartz group crystals. It is violet in colour ranging from clear to dark violet.


Amethyst crystals are one of the world’s most popular gemstones and have been in use for thousands of years.

As the member of the Quartz family characterised by their distinctive purple colour, amethyst has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs Scale. 
Amethyst gems are durable, and this makes them ideal for all kinds of jewellery.



-Spiritually the amethyst favours an attitude of permanent spiritual alertness, stimulates the sense of spirituality and the knowledge of the reality of the spirit. Reinforces the sense of justice and the capacity for reasoning, producing sincerity and loyalty. As a meditation stone helps to shut down the internal dialogue and find a profound internal peace.

-Subconsciously the amethyst is good when you are grieving and helps in overcoming losses. Sleeping with an amethyst beneath your pillow, stimulates the process of dreaming until clearing out the impressions without assimilation. In daily life favours the inspiration and intuition.

-Mentally the amethyst stimulates the sobriety and the consciousness of the individual. Helps to surrender to all experiences including the bad ones, thus favouring the conscious transformation of our perception of things and situations . Because of this it increases concentration and the effectiveness in our thought process.

-Physically the amethyst has a general analgesic effect, de-stressing the nervous system. Helps in the cures of skin diseases , headaches and regulates the intestinal flora.
The amethyst is a good ambiental spiritual-energy cleaner, the stone circle meditation has a powerful and immediate effect.

This crystal is one of the most versatile stone that I have worked with and that I know of, because the flow of its energy resonates in the hearts and minds of people as it is the carrier of the shift in consciousness of our world.


-Application : For spiritual effects the amethyst will be worn for long periods of time, or for short periods of time works to contemplate in silence the stone.

For mental and subconscious effects druzy amethyst or fragments of druzy ( geode fragments ) will do  the work being placed in the room to be seen.

For the physically effect the stone can be placed directly on the zone of the affected organ. Elixirs of this stone are very useful also.


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