CHAROITE - Anima Mundi Crystals



Discovered in Russia in 1978 in the Murun mountains in Yakutia.
This the only known location for this rare mineral. The name Charoite is derived from the Charo River which is near where it was found.

The colors range from bright lavender, violet and lilac to dark purple with swirling patterns of black Augite, transparent crystals of microcline feldspar, and/or orange Tinaksite.

Charoite is so unusual looking with its chatoyancy and strange looking spirally strands of fibrous material that it is often mistaken for a synthetic.
It is used extensively in jewelry and as an ornamental stone carved into boxes, bookends and vases. It ranges from 5 - 6 on the Mohs scale.

Charoite CabochonsCharoite Cabochons


Charoite is a stone of transformation.
It cleanses the aura and chakras by transmuting negative energy into healing.
It opens our hearts and stimulates unconditional love.
Re-energises, reducing stress and worry.
Charoite stimulates and regulates the blood pressure and pulse rate.
Improves sleep, overcomes insomnia and allays nightmares.

Charoite CabochonsOval Charoite Cabochon

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