Trade name for quartz with mineral inclusions of the chlorite group.
According to the type of chlorite, the very attractive inclusions appear in various colours like green, brown, orange, white, pink, or purple.
The literal translation means "mud stone" from Spanish "lodo" -mud, sludge.
We are not sure, whether this refers to the location, or to the visual appearance of the inclusions.

Other names for Lodolite are Garden Quartz, Shaman Quatz, Chlorite Quartz, Scenic Quartz or Phantom Quartz



-Protects From Negative Energy.
-An awesome companion stone for those who are studying shamanic way.
-Assists deep emotional healing related to past life attachment.
-Connects one to the vibrational energies of the animal realm.
-Stimulates spiritual growth in areas of perception.
-Assist one in seeing Auras.
-Helps maintain the connection between the physical and ethereal planes.
-Helps release fear.
-Aids one through all forms of transformation in ones life.
-Promotes an understanding of the impermanence of body consciousness.
-Brings energies to effect manifestation of one’s desires.
-Enhances communication with beings on the spiritual plane.
-Brings knowledge from past lives.
-Meditation with a dream crystal is said to bring transformation on many levels.
-Heightens one’s spiritual energies.
-Radiates loving energy and energy of gentle strength.
-Great assistant to help one with getting into the meditative state.
-Influences one to get in touch with their emotions.
-Helpful for enhancing one’s sensitivity to energy.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.