Put simply, rhodolite garnet is rose-coloured garnet.
Considered a fine gemstone, its colour may vary from pink to purplish-violet red and, like all garnets, it is celebrated for its perfect gemstone properties of brilliance, hardness 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale and it's colour.


-Rhodolite Garnet offers emotional healing, particularly in the areas of guilt and shame.
-It can lift the burden of such memories, or if the memories are not conscious, it may manifest as a lightening of one’s overall mood and happiness. 
-Rhodolite is also helpful in recovery from sexually related abuse and can assist in eliminating the emotional patterns related to that abuse. 
-Rhodolite is an excellent stone when feeling unhappy, worthless or unable to see a way forward.
-It soothes and heals the emotional body, unblocking the ability to receive love, and provides a loving reminder of one’s worthiness in the eyes of the Divine.
-Rhodolite is a warm, trusting and sincere stone, stimulating contemplation, intuition and inspiration.
-Its gentle energies activate one’s connection to inner guides and Guardian Angels, while putting one in touch with the heart’s yearnings.
-This inner alignment allows one to see clearly what steps to take on the Spiritual Path. 
- It also helps open the heart to love – from Divine Love, as well as love of others.
-It supports kindness and compassion, and to fulfilling one’s life purpose. 

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.