Tibetan Quartz is nautarlly occuring Clear Quartz that is found at altitudes of over 15,000 feet in the Ganesh Himal Mountain range that borders Tibet and Nepal.
This remote location is only accessible on foot during the warmer months so these crystals are collected by hand and brought down from the mountain in sacks.
They often contain inclusions of hematite, carbon or water.

Its key quality considerations are; translucency (soft radiating inner glow); pure whites with an almost luminescent, misty appearance; a delicate brilliance and soft luster; and optimal lapidary.
Semitransparent to translucent, Tibetan Quartz is finished eye-clean, the highest quality clarity grade for colored gemstones.


They are very high vibration stones said to resonate to the sound of OM and have been traditionally used for spiritual protection and raising human consciousness.
Tibetan Quartz is a feel-good stone that helps you get to the point.
It brings spiritual connections and accesses the Akashic Record.
It helps you achieve spiritual awareness, stimulating your clairaudience and radiating the sacred sound of the universe when placed right over the Third Eye.
Tibetan Quartz has strong, centered energy that passes into the body and self to bring about deep energizing and energy balancing.
It is among one of the most powerful protection crystals on earth.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.