Recognized by CIBJO, the Colored Stones Commission, in 1981, Ammolite is the latest of only three new gemstones introduced in the last 50 years and one of three organic gemstones (including amber & pearl) and has been compared to Opal.
Also known as Calcentine, Korite, Aapoak (Blackfoot for small, crawling stone), Ammonite Shell or Gem ammonite, Ammolite is the fossil shell of the Upper Cretaceous Ammonites: Placenticeras meeki, Placenticeras intercalare & Baculites compresses.
Ammolite is made of Aragonite, the same mineral that makes up Pearls. Unlike most other gem, who's color comes from light refraction, the iridescent color of Ammolite comes from interference with the light that rebounds from stacked layers of thin platelets in the aragonite. Ordered thick stacks for red gem, less ordered thinner stacks for green and unordered, very thin stacks for blue.
Hardness4.5 - 5.5


Perfection, wisdom, and knowledge are the three traits that are best associated with Ammolite.
This stone is believed to hold the energies and vibrations of the universe!
This stone is usually used by crystal healers and Fengshui teachers to bring about personal awakening.
It will show you how you can harmonize with your environment on a physical and spiritual level.
The energies of this stone will help you have a better understanding of the cycles of creation and the necessary evolutionary shifts.
Ammolite is a very protective stone.
It works with the root chakra, and it will channel your energies and help you perfectly tune them.
It will bring you prosperity, fortune, and luck. It’s also a stone that will help you reach deep meditative states.
When you use this stone often enough, it will also enhance your dreams and give you prophetic dreams.

This stone will give you very strong protective energies that will help you survive any kind of challenge, problem, trauma, or even catastrophe.

Care instructions: Ammolite, being an organic gemstone, requires extra care; do not use a commercial cleaning solution or ultrasonic cleaner and don’t leave it soaking in liquid. Keep it away from perfumes, hairspray and household chemicals.

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