Agate is one of the commonly found gemstones in the world. There are numerous varieties of stone making it is truly versatile and effervescent stone. Agate is banded chalcedony belonging to the crypto-crystalline quartz family. Agate is more like an umbrella term used to describe the many varieties of stones that have similar but also distinctive compositions and properties. Varieties of agate are usually distinguished by their color or pattern and also by their place of origin. Agate is usually found in every color known to mankind and even in a colorless form. Plume agate is a variety of agate that is distinguished by its color. It is a red-brown and white-colored banded stone that has patterns naturally inscribed within its translucent body.


According to beliefs, Plume Agate is connected to the collective consciousness of the divine.
This unique variety of Agate helps to acknowledge and understand life experiences and connect them to his/hers spiritual growth.
Psychic visions can also be experienced through Plume Agate, helping one understand the origins of the universe.
Those who are making important life decisions can benefit from Plume Agate. Agates are known to be powerful stones that help one uncover their own truth and build self-confidence.
They also encourage one to speak out for themselves.
These stones are said to prevent negativity, jealousy, and ill-will. The stones also foster love, courage, and positivity.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.