This stone is actually a copper ore.
You’ll often find chrysocolla where you find copper deposits.
You’ll also regularly find it alongside deposits of Malachite
 and Blue Azurite.
These are considered cousin minerals.

It comes in a range of forms, from balls and bubbly plates to stalactites in massive form.
Many think of it as a crystal but the actual mineral structure of chrysocolla is amorphous and it doesn’t form visible crystals. 


Chrysocolla crystal is referred to as the stone of the Goddess. 
It provides both gentleness and power to your energies; a dichotomy that can be seen so easily in the bright colors of the stone.
It can bring fluidity to your life, allowing you to move through your emotions and giving you grace and poise.
This also gives you a great sense of empathy towards others around you.
Chrysocolla is linked to sound, and is often used to enhance how we experience sound when we make it, and when we hear it.
If you are giving a talk or a performance, this is the perfect stone to have with you.
It is also closely linked to the throat chakra, helping you to let words flow out of you so that they resonate with others.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.