Australian Pink Opal is a marketing name, but is simply a different form of Mookaite, that is Pink Mookaite.
Here we will refer to it as Pink Opal or Australian Pink Opal because it is the name you will find it under.
It is an extremely bright pink opalized Radiolarite.
It is found as a dominant horizontal bed within zones of coloured porcellanites located beneath a surface brecciated zone of iron, silica and pink opal fragments.
The pink opal often shows Liesegang banding, and microcrystalline quartz filled vugs.
( A vug, vugh, or vugg is a small to medium-sized cavity inside rock.)
The pink opal is a stone without equals.
It is known as the “stone of spiritual awakening” and its varieties of colors range from pale pink to lavender, through cream tones with lots of white veins.
It owes its coloration to the presence of manganese in its composition and does not present iridescence particles on the surface.


It is considered a stone of relaxation and internal renewal that also favors the affairs of the heart.
The pink opal is a stone of peace and tranquility, the stone of hope and great achievement.
A gemstone to heal emotions, especially those related to pain unconsciously.
Bring peace to those who have excessive fear, worry or anxiety.
It encourages you to forget your worries and improves the emotional clarity that allows you to see things as they are, - without assumptions based on experiences.
It helps to get rid of emotional obsessions and to free you from feelings of shame, guilt, and inhibition.
Sleeping with a pink opal under the pillow can cause happy dreams and can help clear our minds for the next day.
This crystal represents sweet feminine energy – perhaps a mother or grandmother.
It also helps ease the process of change.
The pink opal is a vibrant, uplifting, cheerful stone.
It can help bring back the sweetness and lightness in life and is good to use in times of stress.

Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.