Hello and welcome to our story full of magic.

Behind Anima Mundi Crystals you will find Sorin and Nicoleta,
two souls in love with the world and the beauty of minerals in all their forms.

We were both born in Romania but we have lived in Spain for a long time.
Our small project in the world of crystals and jewelry began more than 11 years ago and it is the fruit of our desire to create things that delight the eye and the soul and the passion for beautiful and unusual minerals.

Our beginnings were humble, we made jewelry with pyrographed wood and acrylic paint, then we made jewelry set in copper, moving on to the technique of copper electroforming to end up where we are today doing traditional silversmithing.
But in all this time and transformations, the constant in our project has always been and will always be minerals.

That's why, apart from creating jewelry that gives us a lot of joy and room to express ourselves artistically, a little over a year ago, we decided to also incorporate the cutting and polishing of minerals into our project.
That's why you will find variety and beauty in terms of cabochons and points,
also having the opportunity to create personalized pieces on demand, for those jewelers who seek quality and custom cabochons for their creations.

We always seek to improve our art and services since we also create jewelry but also offer material for jewelers and we understand the needs and desires of the community.
Being part of it makes us very happy to be able to support and contribute with our grain of sand.

If you have come this far it is because you want to know more about us and what we do.
That's why I invite you to visit our Instagram page where you will find us every day sharing things about minerals, jewelry, cats, the artisanal process of our jewelry and cabochons, nature, properties of stones and much more.

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