To keep your handmade jewelry in good shape and good looking take proper measures. 
Handmade electroformed & wire wrapped jewelry and gemstones are delicate. Pieces with gemstones and specifically crystal points will be damaged if they fall on the floor/table or are hit.

-Avoid getting your jewelry wet or wear it in the shower, pool(chlorine), sea(salt)or while doing strenuous activities.
-Also, avoid getting lotions, perfumes, or oils on your jewelry. 

If worn daily or a couple of times a week it should be cleaned at least once a month or when the metal will start to get dirty/ oxidated.

Most of our jewelry, unless otherwise described in the product description, is not sealed and thus it may turn your skin green as a reaction (not everybody has it but it’s safe don’t worry). It mostly happens on rings that are constantly worn.
 All our jewelry can be sealed free of charge, just let us know in the orders note at checkout.

 This coating is very thin, to not change the appearance of the piece, so it may rub off over time. In the event your copper piece begins to tarnish and you prefer the "new" look, or your skin reacts to the metal and it bothers you, follow these steps:

-Wash your jewelry in a small dish with warm water and dish soap. Lemon juice, vinegar or ketchup may enhance cleaning results and bring the piece back to its original luster. Using a toothbrush can help get in all the nooks.You can also use toothpaste.Dry thoroughly. with a cloth.
-Use a polishing cloth.
-Buy “protectaclear” or clean nail polish and paint a thin layer on your piece where it touches your skin. 
-Silver jewelry may be cleaned with store bought jewelry cleaner or polishing cloth.